As the world’s healthcare infrastructure struggles to contain the COVID-19 outbreak, testing capacity has emerged as a major issue. To break the transmission chain, RainSure Scientific is globally launching their cutting-edge polymerase chain reaction (PCR) COVID-19 Test Kit. The deployment of these test kits will play a major role in breaking the infection chain created by people without obvious symptoms.
Performing on all major installed PCR brands, RainSure's COVID-19 test kits enjoy several advantages over similar products in the market. First, RainSure's COVID-19 tests detect the presence of virus in patients with a low viral load. It is critically important to detect the presence of virus well before symptoms manifest and after a patient has recovered, thus allowing patients and practitioners to identify who is carrying the infectious disease. Second, RainSure's COVID-19 tests are more sensitive, boasting a CT value of at least 0.5 ahead of other PCR kits testing for COVID-19. This sensitivity further ensures accuracy and prognostic value of the test. Third, there is an internal control probe and primer set for human gene detection, which could evaluate the quality of the sample collected by the swab. Also, the test works fast - from sample to final test result it takes just four hours. This kit also works on the digital PCR platform produced by RainSure. Digital PCR (dPCR) is about ten times more accurate than real time PCR (RT-PCR). By testing with dPCR, disadvantages of RT-PCR such as relatively high false negative rate are overcome.
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COVID-19 nucleic acid detection kitQPCR probe method
Coronavirus is a kind of virus with capsule and linear single strand positive chain RNA, which is about 80 nm in diameter. At present, it only infects vertebrates such as human, mouse, pig, cat, dog, bird and so on. Novel coronavirus COVID-19 has been identified as a new variety, which can cause viral pneumonia, mild fever and dry cough, severe dyspnea and even shock.

Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) nucleic acid detection kit (QPCR probe method) developed by Rainsure Scientifc, with novel coronavirus's
ORF 1ab (RDRP gene) and encoding nucleocapsid proteins N gene.The specific conserved sequence is the target region, and the double target design is carried out. One-step reverse transcriptional polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) combined with Taqman hydrolysis probe technique was used to detect RNA in samples by fluorescence quantitative PCR.

The PCR detection system
includes Internal standard gene. The primers and probes were used to monitor the process of sample collection and extraction by detecting whether the internal standard was normal or not, so as to avoid false negative results.
This kit can be used for nucleic acid detection of novel coronavirus. The results can be used for auxiliary diagnosis of novel coronavirus infected patients or suspected novel coronavirus infected patients, and provide molecular diagnostic basis for infected patients.

(a) High concentration sample testing:
COVID-19 ORF 1ab: Ct=30N Region: Ct=26.4B) Low concentration sample testing:
COVID-19 ORF 1ab: Ct=38.2(In the gray area of the test, it is difficult to judge the negative or positive)N Region: Ct=31.4C) Ultra-low concentration sample testing:COVID-19 ORF 1ab: Ct > 40
N Region: Ct > 40
(beyond the detection limit and cannot be read)

COVID-19 nucleic acid detection kitDigital PCR method

Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) nucleic acid detection kit (digital PCR method) developed by Rainsure Scientific,Using droplet digital PCR technology combined with Taqman fluorescent probe technology to achieve qualitative detection of novel coronaviruses.

Through digital PCR chip, the samples were randomly distributed into tens of thousands of oil-in-water droplets, and the droplets were reacted by PCR. After the PCR reaction, the fluorescence signals of each droplet were read, and the Poisson distribution principle was used for statistics and analysis, so as to realize the accurate detection of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) specific gene copies.

Among them, FAM fluorescence labeling was used for COVID-19 ORF 1ab probe, HEX fluorescence labeling was used for N gene detection probe, and CY5 fluorescence labeling was used for internal standard.

(a) High concentration sample testing:
COVID-19 ORF 1ab: 80 copies/ μ lN Region: 170 copies/ μ lB) Low concentration sample testing:
COVID-19 ORF 1ab: 7.8 copies/ μ lN Region: 14.65 copies/ μ lC) Ultra-low concentration sample testing:
COVID-19 ORF 1ab: 0.29 copies/ μ lN Region: 1.16 copies/ μ l