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DropDx-2044 Digital PCR System
Third-generation digital PCR technology to achieve absolute quantification down to a single copy

Automatic sample processing system
Integrated instrument for sample preparation and PCR amplification. Patented microfluidic chip design for efficient sample processing. Proprietary temperature control algorithm to achieve precision temperature control.
Cartridge reader
Enhanced multiplexing capability covering four commonly used fluorescence channels. Fast signal acquisition without comprising accuracy. Intelligent statistical analysis and built-in modules for absolute quantification, mutation ratio, copy number variation and gene expression verification.
Reagent and consumables
A turn-key solution provider powered by a diverse talent pool in Silicon Valley and Suzhou with experience in every aspect of digital PCR from microfluidic design to custom assay development.

Microfluidic controller and accessories
Authorized exclusive distributor of a suite of microfluidic research tools offered by PreciGenome LLC headquartered in Silicon Valley

PG-MFC Microfluidic controller
Hailed from Silicon Valley, a precision controller to provide regulated pulse-free pressure output or constant flow rate in microfluidic devices
Ultra high-speed imaging platform for microfluidic research
An indispensable tool to reveal the subtlety in the highly dynamic single-phase or multi-phase flow in microchannels.
Microfluid reservoir connector
A universal chip-to-world connection to improve the efficiency and reproducibility of microfluidic experiments.
MFS flow sensor
The Swiss made Sensirion sensor to communicate with FG-MFC controller and send feedback signal to regulate pressure output.